Lori Andrews

I am a self-taught artist, and have been passionate about art all my life, However have only been
painting with watercolors for about 15 years. I like to use bright bold colors, because they
invoke energy, and makes us feel alive. I have sold to many through E-bay and Private Auctions.
And exhibit my art through Art Link in the Downtown Phoenix Galleries. Some day I hope to
have my own gallery. I’ve lived in Arizona all my life, and enjoy the wonderful Southwest.

I am married and have no children. I am the youngest of ten children, which in it’s own way,
I must say, I had to be pretty creative to get what I wanted. My mother and father were not
noted artists, however, my mother has an art of her own, and that is in her love for nature,
and good will. She has instilled in me the appreciation for the simple things in life, for which I
admire, as our lives can become so difficult and cumbersome.

My Favorite Quote: “Color Drives the mind, enlightens your heart, and Pleasures the Soul.”